Album of the Week: Enso Quartet - Ginastera String Quartets (Complete)

As those who have been following the blog know, my "album of the week" began with my realization that I was listening to the same albums over and over, and my resolve to listen to at least one new album per week.  Most of my picks have featured artists or recordings with which I am not familiar playing works by composers with whom I am familiar.

This week's pick, a recording by the Enso Quartet of the complete string quartets of Alberto Ginastera, is a bit different in that it features works of a composer with whom I am unfamiliar. 

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983) was arguably the most important Argentinian composer of the 20th century.  This recording features all three string quartets that Ginastera composed in his lifetime.  The first was composed in 1948 and attempts to reconcile Argentinian folk music with the modernism of composers such as Stravinsky and Bartók. The Second was composed 10 years later, and the third was composed in 1973.  The third string quartet fuses song cycle and instrumental work and interleaves settings of Spanish-language poets (Jiménez, Lorca and Alberti), which are sung by Soprano Lucy Shelton.